gravschemaCoherent matter-wave optics is still a very young field, far less developed and more complex than conventional optics for light. This field represents an emerging area of science, quantum engineering, with a high potential for a future technology and multidisciplinary applications.

As main product Atomsensors offers an high-precision, absolute gravimeter/gravity-gradiometer based on atom interferometry. Performance in term of accuracy and stability make this instrument far superior compared to what is currently available on the market.

Some of the possible application of the atomic sensors: identification of oil fields; geodinamic and tectonic prospections; studies of  sedimentary deposit; archeological investigations; volcanic risk investigations; measurements of the thickness of polar ice; inertial navigation.


Sensitivity on gravity gradients: 10-7 s-2/√Hz

Sensitivity in gravity acceleration: 10 μGal/√Hz

Dimension of the measuring head: <0.5 m3

Weight of the measuring head: < 50 Kg

(10 E/sqrt(Hz)).
(10 E/sqrt(Hz)).

Power consuption:  300 W

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