ovenOne of the most critical parts of a cold, alkaline earth atomic-like source is the atomic oven. The vapour pressure of this kind of species is quite low, so high temperature (350-400 °C) is usually needed to have a resonable number of atoms sublimating from metallic substrate and available for MOT loading. For a transportable system a high efficiency atomic oven capable to reach such working temperature with the lowest power consumption is needed, providing at the same time a well collimated atomic beam.

AtomSensors offers a compact atomic beam oven designed to provide a high flux of atoms with low power consumption and no water cooling. The oven has exceptionally low outgassing at elevated temperatures (6×10-8 Torr-L/s at 400 °C) while generating fluxes greater than 1×1011 atoms/s with only 17 W of input power. The oven can hold many grams of material and is reloadable.

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