clockAtomic clocks represent today the most precise and sensible time sensors ever realized. The application fields are several: high  precision  tests  of  fundamental physics, chronometric  levelling-based  geodesy, improved RF standards for navigation and observations of cosmic radio sources with very-long baseline interferometry. For all these purposes, today’s complex and bulky optical clock experimental setups need to be re-engineered into more compact and power efficient systems, ensuring at the same  time a high stability and  accuracy, but also high operation  reliability  in  critical  environments.

Atomsensors offers a  transportable  optical  clock based on laser-cooled strontium atoms. The instrument   is   composed   of   a compact  source  of ultra-cold  strontium  atoms,  including also a compact and complete laser setup.  The whole setup fits within a volume of 2 m3. The  high  degree  of  operation  reliability allows a relative uncertainty of the clock in the 10-15 range.

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